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IALSN presents:“Biologic Therapies As A Critical Source Of Innovation: The Lilly Biotechnology Strat

Thomas F. Bumol, Ph.D.

Senior VP – Biotechnology and Immunology Research, Lilly Research Laboratories

Thomas F. Bumol, Ph.D., is the Senior Vice President of the Biotechnology and Autoimmunity Research components at Lilly Research Laboratories, Indianapolis, Indiana and the Site Head of Lilly’s Biotechnology Center of San Diego, which includes the Applied Molecular Evolution component of Lilly Research Laboratories and early clinical development for autoimmune assets fro LRL. He is also the co-chair of the company’s Bioproduct Strategy Group, co-chair of the Research and Development Subcommittee for Immunology and a member of the company’s Portfolio Management Team & Research Management Team.

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